Today Platinum Rate in Chennai

Check out the today platinum rate in Chennai to buy an expensive white metal. Platinum rate today in Chennai varying daily check platinum price here. Platinum is a chemical substance which has the symbol Pt and the atomic number is 78. Platinum is a silverish-white, heavy, rare, transition metal. Platinum also known as “little silver,” comes from the Platino( Latin word). Platinum has six isotopes that occurred naturally. When compared to silver and gold, platinum is considered precious. Platinum rates in Chennai are revised on a daily basis. However, the rate of Platinum remains the same across all the cities in the country.

Today Platinum rate in chennai

Today Platinum rate in Chennai

Date1 gram8 grams10 grams
08/08/2023₹ 3,327₹ 26,616₹ 33,270
07/08/2023₹ 3,336₹ 26,688₹ 33,360
06/08/2023₹ 3,336₹ 26,688₹ 33,360
05/08/2023₹ 3,364₹ 26,912₹ 33,640
04/08/2023₹ 3,413₹ 27,304₹ 34,130
03/08/2023₹ 3,413₹ 27,304₹ 34,130
02/08/2023₹ 3,357₹ 26,856₹ 33,570
01/08/2023₹ 3,357₹ 26,856₹ 33,570
31/07/2023₹ 3,439₹ 27,512₹ 34,390
30/07/2023₹ 3,439₹ 27,512₹ 34,390
29/07/2023₹ 3,439₹ 27,512₹ 34,390
28/07/2023₹ 3,439₹ 27,512₹ 34,390
27/07/2023₹ 3,462₹ 27,696₹ 34,620
26/07/2023₹ 3,435₹ 27,480₹ 34,350

Platinum price history graph

Platinum rate Trend in Chennai

Date RangeGramsHighest Price DateHighest PriceLowest Price DateLowest Price
Last 7 Days1 Gram03-08-2023₹3,413.0008-08-2023₹3,327
Last 7 Days1 Ounce03-08-2023₹106,156.1708-08-2023₹103,481.27
Last 30 Days1 Gram21-07-2023₹3,525.0009-07-2023₹3,272
Last 30 Days1 Ounce21-07-2023₹109,639.7609-07-2023₹101,770.58
Last 90 Days1 Gram13-05-2023₹3,994.0004-07-2023₹3,228
Last 90 Days1 Ounce13-05-2023₹124,227.2904-07-2023₹100,402

Uses of Platinum

Platinum has several uses apart from its use in jewelry.

Petroleum Industry

Platinum metal is used in the petroleum industry. This was used to clean up the air, and the metal has good catalytic properties, so it was used in the petroleum industry.


The platinum metal is used in explosives and fertilizers. Also platinum metal has its usage in the fabrication of silicones for automotive, aerospace, and construction.

Hard Discs

Platinum has used in the production of hard disk drive coatings and fiber cables. In the coming days, the usage of computers will have a positive effect on the demand for platinum.


Platinum metal has been used in the medical industry to cure cancer. Platinum metal acts as an anti-cancer drug. Also, it is used in neurosurgical equipment.

Important things to check before purchase platinum

Buy-back schemes: one important thing is you check with the seller about buy-back schemes. Also, keeping the receipt is very important. The receipt provides the details about the weight and details of the platinum that has been purchased.

Comparison Rates: Gold and silver, platinum rates are revised on a daily basis. The prices of platinum will vary depending on the jeweler. So, it is the main thing that you compare the rates from various jewelers before purchasing the platinum.

Making Charges: When you purchase platinum, making charges must be considered as well. Making charges of platinum is high when compared to gold. Depending on the rate of the metal, the making charges will differ.

Certification: One main thing is to purchase platinum that comes with a hallmark. The hallmark will vary, depending on the country. In our country, the hallmark is Pt950. Hallmark will ensure the metal is pure.

Platinum cannot be an Investment: Unlike gold, silver, and diamond, platinum cannot be purchased as an investment. The consumption of platinum is low, so you cannot purchase it as an investment.

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