Chennai Silver Rate Today

Updated Chennai Silver Rate Today list in Check out the 1 gram, 8 gram, 10 gram, 1kg silver price in Chennai & today silver rate in Chennai GRT. Silver rates in Chennai are based on a host of factors. Recently, the government increased the excise duty on gold, which should raise the rates of silver. When gold prices are inclined to rise, rural investors may move to silver as a security. Actually, silver rates in the international markets have risen to nearly $15 per ounce as demand ongoing to be good.

Chennai silver rate today
Date10 grams100 grams1 Kg
August 4, 2023₹782.00₹7820.00₹78200.00 ( -300 )
August 3, 2023₹785.00₹7850.00₹78500.00 ( -1800 )
August 2, 2023₹803.00₹8030.00₹80300.00 ( -700 )
August 1, 2023₹810.00₹8100.00₹81000.00 (1000)
July 31, 2023₹800.00₹8000.00₹80000.00 ( 0 )
July 30, 2023₹800.00₹8000.00₹80000.00 ( 0 )
July 29, 2023₹800.00₹8000.00₹80000.00 ( 500 )
July 28, 2023₹795.00₹7950.00₹79500.00 ( -2000 )
July 27, 2023₹815.00₹8150.00₹81500.00 ( 1100 )
July 26, 2023₹804.00₹8040.00₹80400.00 ( 400 )

Last 6 months Graph of Silver rates in India

Today Silver rate in chennai  

One of the most popular commodities in India is Silver. Silver prices in Chennai or for that matter other cities like Mumbai or Delhi, are a mirroring of the international silver price as expressed by various market dynamics.

In India, Silver production is the littlest and most of the internal demand has to be met up with through bringing in. For Chennai consumers, silver have come up not only for ornamentation but also as a savings.
All over the world, more than half of the total silver metal consumption is mainly used for industrial motives, because silver is considered a highly useful metal for large industries such as production, medicine, etc.

Historical trend of Silver Price in Chennai

MonthsLowest Silver Price ( Kg )Highest Silver Price ( Kg )
June 2023₹74,000₹79,800
May 2023₹72,600₹83,700
April 2023₹77,100₹83,000
March 2023₹67,300₹77,500
February 2023₹69,000₹77,300
January 2023₹73,500₹75,800
December 2022₹69,800₹74,700
November 2022₹63,700₹68,500
October 2022₹60,500₹67,000
September 2022₹58,000₹63,200
August 2022₹60,000₹64,800
July 2022₹60,000₹65,000
June 2022₹65,200₹68,500
May 2022₹63,400₹69,500
April 2022₹68,800₹75,200

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Silver

Buyback policy

Nowadays, Many sellers provide the opportunity to buy back silver, that was you can replace your old silver ornament with new ones. Using this option, you can get new designs without investing money. Although, note that silver jewelry is exchanged on the basis of its weight. So, this point must be considered into account when dealing with old silver for new.

Check the hallmark

You have to purchase Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified silver always. Every time you purchase silver, check its purity, marking year, BIS mark, Seller/manufacturer’s id mark, and Assay center id mark.

Invoice or receipt

Handling of Purchasing silver should always be a straightforward procedure. So, you must request a receipt when buying silver. That will be so helpful in case you want to return your silver and it will also provide a record of the exact details of the silver form.

Online Purchase

If you want to purchase silver jewelry in Chennai, it is a must to check that Jeweller is a standard jewelry business. Moreover, check the daily silver prices in Chennai. By following this, you will make sure that you have not paid more than the current silver rates.

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